Last time I talked about porn, and the lack thereof.
This time, I’m going to talk about industry practice.

Do I mean disclaimers, you ask?


Character tags?

Well yes, but a specific, lesser known issue, and that is
the practice of pointing out all our little stunts for what they are.

Yes, really.

I’ve spotted instances of this happening, this bald-faced unveiling – which induces guilt in yours truly, for not putting up such statements as “do not try this at home” or “some details have been left out” or “[…] not encouraged by this author” –

Can you believe the audacity?

Why, it’s practically accusing my storytelling of being unrealistic! Not that I care, or anything…

No, no, no. What I balk at is the impression that we must curate our art with big, bold warnings.
Do I really have to tell you that’s not how proper fisting works? Or mention that, yes, I skipped past a few scenes? Come on.

Next you’ll be asking for trigger warnings.